Lynxmind stand as your trusted partner, delivering unparalleled middleware integration services, cutting-edge IT operations solutions, and comprehensive enterprise cloud strategies. Discover how our integrated services can take your business to new heights.

Integration Services

In the rapidly evolving digital world, seamless integration is the backbone of any successful enterprise. Our Middleware Integration Services are designed to ensure your systems communicate flawlessly, powered by leading technologies such as TIBCO, Mulesoft, Confluent Kafka, and Java Spring. Our team of experts specializes in creating bespoke solutions that streamline operations, enhance data flow, and optimize performance.

IT Operations

Our IT Operations services are designed to keep your systems running smoothly, with a focus on proactive monitoring and the implementation of DevOps practices, assuring the continuous improvement and delivery of the service. Leveraging our partnership with Checkmk, we provide comprehensive solutions that enhance visibility, improve response times and boost operational efficiency.

Enterprise Cloud

In today's digital age, the cloud is a key enabler of agility, scalability, and innovation. Our Enterprise Cloud services offer end-to-end solutions tailored to your business needs, whether you're migrating to the cloud or optimizing your existing cloud infrastructure. With certifications and extensive project experience in SAP, AWS, and Azure, we are equipped to guide you through every step of your cloud journey.


Empowering Excellence!

More than just a company, Lynxmind embody a vibrant community of exceptional talents and qualified people around the world.

As a leading IT consulting company, our foundation is built on two pillars: employee's wellness and client satisfaction. They are always our priority and our driven force to success.

Our approach goes beyond simply enhancing skills and advancing careers; it's about valuing the unique perspectives and contributions of each member of our team. 

We believe that the key to thriving in the professional field and finding true satisfaction in our work lies in staying motivated and passionate about what we do.  We’re constantly seeking for new projects and challenges, that’s why we proudly position ourselves as your trusted and reliable choice.


Foster a culture of wellness and collaboration within our team that translates into exceptional and quality service. Always building enduring relationships with our clients that are grounded in trust and mutual success.


We want to be recognized as a referenced company for the quality of services provided while promoting strong bonds and healthy environment between our professionals. This vision serves as a guiding force for our strategic decisions and to inspire our team to achieve greatness together.


Flexibility: We pride ourselves on our ability to easily adapt to our client needs, ensuring exceptional solutions.

Smart Working: Our commitment to efficiency is matched only by our dedication to innovation and excellence. We believe in the power of intelligent work processes to drive outstanding results.

Loyalty: We value transparency and trust, whether between the team or with our clients.


Our talents are the driving force behind our success and the key to being able to embrace every challenge.

Pedro Monteiro

Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Monteiro

Chief Financial Officer

accounting & finance manager
João Dias

Accounting & Financial Manager

business development manager
João Esteves

Business Development Manager

human resources manager
Beatriz Pereira

Human Resources Manager

integration services director
Luís Lopes

Integration Services Director

it operations director
Ricardo Ribeiro

IT Operations Director

enterprise cloud director
Luiz Machado

Enterprise Cloud Director

marketing manager
Rita Dâmaso

Marketing Manager

account manager
Tiago Ávila

Account Manager

account manager
Daniel Ferreira

Account Manager


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Our clients

We take immense pride in collaborating with some of the most influential and pioneering players in the market. Our alliances with these entities are a testament to our incredible dedication to excellence, innovation, and the delivery of services that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Distinctions


PME Excelência is awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that showcase strong financial performance and solid management. It highlights businesses that contribute significantly to the Portuguese economy.


This distinction is given to SMEs with superior profiles of growth, innovation, and financial strength. PME Líder identifies and celebrates companies that are leaders in their sectors, driving economic development in Portugal.


The Tech Visa program is designed to attract highly skilled professionals from outside the European Union to work in Portugal's technology sector. It simplifies visa processes for tech talent, facilitating innovation and competitiveness in the Portuguese tech industry.

Our Offices

In the vibrant city of Lisbon, our office thrives on creativity and technological prowess, embodying the fusion of historical richness and modern innovation. This strategic European hub enhances our ability to deliver creative and cutting-edge solutions.

Our Dubai office stands at the forefront of global commerce, in a city synonymous with ambition and connectivity. It serves as a critical bridge, offering unique opportunities for growth and innovation on an international scale.

Our locations in Lisbon and Dubai symbolize our commitment to global excellence and local insight, ensuring we provide unparalleled service and innovation across continents.

Rua Julieta Ferrão N12 1600-131 Lisbon, Portugal
Platinum Tower JLT-PH1-12 Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

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