Kafka ecosystem

In a notable partnership with one of our valued clients, we have taken on the comprehensive responsibility of designing and deploying Confluent along with its auxiliary technologies, crafting a robust and scalable architecture that spans three unique environments. This ambitious project demanded the precise configuration and rigorous testing of key Confluent components, including Zookeeper, Kafka Brokers, Kafka Connect, and REST Proxy. Our commitment to excellence extended to the seamless integration of essential monitoring tools such as JMXExporter, KMinion, Prometheus, and Grafana, ensuring an unmatched level of operational visibility and efficiency.

Taking our dedication to advanced monitoring and analytics a step further, we led the pioneering integration of sophisticated solutions like Splunk, through the innovative use of the Sink Connector, and Dynatrace. These integrations are at the forefront of our strategy, offering deep, actionable insights and enhancing our ability to make data-driven decisions. This endeavor not only highlights our expertise in navigating complex technological landscapes but also underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering transformative IT solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.


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Middleware integration

Our team of consultants embodies a wealth of expertise and deep knowledge in middleware integration technologies, including industry stalwarts like TIBCO and Mulesoft. With a track record of excellence, we have spearheaded the implementation of TIBCO frameworks, ensuring the development and support of high-caliber services. Our role extends beyond mere implementation; we have been pivotal in overseeing critical processes such as the migration from TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 to TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition and integrating Mulesoft solutions.


This extensive experience not only demonstrates our technical proficiency but also our commitment to adapting and evolving with the technological landscape, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most advanced and efficient solutions. Our hands-on approach and ownership of these processes underscore our dedication to excellence and our capability to drive transformative outcomes in middleware integration.

Strimzi Kafka

Lynxmind has been at the forefront of pioneering the Enterprise Data Bus foundation, expertly leading the initiative from its inception through the Proof of Concept (POC) and the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The project was meticulously built on a robust framework, including Strimzi Kafka Cluster, Kafka Connect, Kafka Exporter, Topic Operator, and User Operator. Leveraging the Apicurio Registry for schema and topic management, Lynxmind implemented comprehensive monitoring and alert systems using Prometheus and Grafana. Additionally, the company crafted Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines utilizing Jenkins and PostgreSQL to enhance operational efficiency and reliability.

In the critical phase of migrating from Red Hat Openshift Container Platform 3 to 4, Lynxmind skillfully adopted Helm and Helmfile to manage all container configurations, ensuring a seamless transition. Further demonstrating its technological acumen, Lynxmind developed Odin, an innovative onboarding web application. Built with Java Spring and React.js, Odin empowers teams on the ESB platform to efficiently manage users, generate and subscribe to new Kafka topics, verify schemas for each topic, and oversee permissions, streamlining the process and enhancing productivity across the board.